CASE STUDY: Verizon and ESPN Dashboard

March 14, 2018
Livestream Media Dashboard for Verizon and ESPN



Within 60 days Spark Digital built an MVP dashboard to support scheduling, monitoring and ad insertion for a live-streaming partnership between ESPN and Verizon.

As a revenue center, and with the need to protect the reputation of the broadcast partner, the system had to be bulletproof; availability, reliability and responsiveness were mandatory while hiccups and distortions were unacceptable. Scale was also critical given that audiences would swell into the millions for many live events.

Desktop  /  Enterprise media streaming solutions. 

Angular.JS, Node.js, MongoDB, and AWS among others.

Discovery, Product Strategy, Development & Management, and QA. 

Spark Digital built and tested the MVP in 60-days. The dashboard we delivered supported hundreds of events equalling more than 2.2M hours of live events, some having more than 150,000 concurrent viewers. 

The dashboard offered high-visibility monitoring and made the process of uploading and scheduling and distributing ad inventory easy for operators.

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