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We are a full-service provider of technology consulting, software design and development services.  We typically work with medium to large companies in the Communications, Media and Technology industries. But, given the proliferation of content being created and managed by companies in every sector from healthcare to finance and higher education, it’s easy to see how our experience might come to serve more companies in more industries.

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Our People

The special sauce is experience.

  • Chris Cali
    Managing Partner
    Chris Cali
    Managing Partner
    • Managing Partner responsible for sales, operations, marketing and finance.
    • Media technology executive with deep experience in digital media supply chains and online video. Previously founder and CEO of Panvidea, a venture-funded cloud-based video management solution with customers such as A&E, Fox, Metropolitan Opera and Vevo. Sold to T3Media in 2012.
    • Previously a Solutions Architect at Maven Networks (an online video platform acquired by Yahoo!). Software Engineer at Sony Music Entertainment and Sony BMG.
    • B.S. Computer Science from University of Delaware.
  • Francisco Amadeo
    & Co-Founder
    Francisco Amadeo
    & Co-Founder
    • Final responsibility for technical leadership, project staffing, process efficiency and delivery quality.
    • Entrepreneurial software leader with broad and deep expertise in digital media, SaaS technologies and highly scalable cloud architecture.
    • Past experience includes IBM, Performance Review Institute, Uniloc and Panvidea in roles such as Sr. Architect, Project Manager and CTO.
    • Holds a B.S. in Software Engineering and an MBA from UNICEN, Tandil, Argentina.
  • Kevin Norris
    Kevin Norris
    • Senior digital product executive and award-winning designer responsible for software design and consulting services.
    • Fortune 100 product leader and entrepreneur with expertise in digital strategy, end-to-end software design and product development.
    • Former President & CEO of Brevity, a video transport and transcoding software company- sold to All Digital in 2014.
    • Previous Global Director at American Express, who oversaw all digital investments, in-house UX/visual design, and numerous enterprise capabilities.
    • Holds a B.S. in Professional and Technical Communications.
  • Christopher White
    Christopher White
    • Digital strategy and product leader responsible for consulting, software design and development services.
    • Leads complex client engagements and cross-functional consulting teams for Fortune 1000 companies including News Corp and Verizon.
    • Former co-founder and Managing Director at award-winning digital media company, GMG (acquired in 2013). Delivered 5x return to investors. 
    • Held senior strategy, product and management roles at FremantleMedia (Bertelsmann) and EMI Music.
    • Holds an MA from Oxford University and MBA from INSEAD.
  • Lucia Zinovile
    Senior Director of Human Resources
    Lucia Zinovile
    Senior Director of Human Resources
    • HR leader with experience in staffing management, employee development, career planning and performance management.
    • Responsible for managing career development efforts across the organization, coordinating career path planning activities, performance reviews, compensation planning and overseeing all HR-related Admin tasks.
    • Previous HR Advisor at ExxonMobil Corporation, responsible delivering of a full range of HR services to all expat employees and managing the continuous improvement of HR practices.
    • Holds a B.S. in Business Administration from UNICEN and an M.S. in Human Resource Management from San Andres University in Buenos Aires.
  • Valentina De Loof
    Vice President of Human Resources
    Valentina De Loof
    Vice President of Human Resources
    • Experienced software and technology talent acquisition professional.
    • Responsible for recruiting top talent in multiple technologies and disciplines. Areas of responsibility include managing the recruiting team company-wide, talent-focused marketing initiatives, and maintaining a high quality candidate experiences.
    • Past experience includes Communication and Marketing Analyst at Making Sense and researcher for the Spanish Ministry of Education.
    • Holds a B.S. in International Business from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign an M.S. in Digital Literature from Complutense University in Madrid, Spain.
  • Tom Schuyler
    Director of Marketing
    Tom Schuyler
    Director of Marketing
    • Brand development and lead generation professional with deep experience developing integrated brand experiences centered around digital platforms for B2B and B2C brands across multiple categories.
    • Responsible for branding, content, events, lead generation and aligning the client experience to promises of brand messaging.
    • Previous agency and in-house experience includes: Adobe, Dassault Systemes, GyPSii, Metso, Ashcroft, Valmet, American Express, The Ritz Carlton, The Macallan, and many others.
    • Holds a B.A. in Political Theory from The University of Arizona with a minor in Business Administration.
  • Edward Cho
    Edward Cho
    • Principal responsible for selling and leading consulting, UX design and software development engagements. 
    • Media & Entertainment executive with experience leading teams delivering Digital Transformation, Digital Supply Chain, and Content Security initiatives.
    • Previously Director of Global Operations at MarkMonitor (a subsidiary of Thomson Reuters) responsible for providing leading anti-piracy solutions to major content owners. Prior to MarkMonitor, Ed spent 12 years at Accenture as Senior Manager serving Media & Entertainment and High Tech companies including Warner Bros., eBay, and Microsoft. 
    • B.A. in Economics, with a Specialization in Computing from the University of California, Los Angeles. 
Spark Digital distinguishes itself on our experience and our industry focus. We only hire people who have already earned a few stripes and know the languages and technologies that drive the digital content ecosystem.
At Spark Digital, we know that smart strategy and clever management don’t build great software products – people do. That’s why we take so much care to hire people who make great things happen.

Why Spark Digital?

We’re Experienced
We only take on projects where our experience will be a tangible advantage to the client. As former in-house product engineering and strategy leaders ourselves, we understand our clients’ challenges and needs— we’ve been there, we get it, failure is not an option.
We’re Focused
We only do what we do well. We work with clients on projects focused on the analysis, distribution and monetization of digital content: nothing more, nothing less.
We Put the Client First
We solicit feedback and accept criticism openly. By listening to what our clients have to say we improve the way we work.
We're Flexible
We tailor our services to the client need. We will never try to tailor the customer need to our services.
We're Full Service
We are consultants, designers and developers. We understand everything that goes into making great software products. That collective experience helps us to outperform even in projects where the full gamut of services aren’t being used.
We're as Close as We Need to Be
We do not have a singular approach to staffing. Sometimes it makes sense to be on premises, sometimes we can work entirely remote with our team in Argentina, usually a mix of both. Either way, we’re in the same time zone, working when you work, with you.
We're Humble
No one knows-it-all. We’re confident in our ability, but we’re not arrogant. We know that good ideas can come from strange places and that the best results come from close collaboration among peers.
We're Always Learning
We teach each other something new every day. We invest in training and the betterment of our people. The more we learn, the better we serve our clients. The more our team gets to learn, the happier they are.
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