Working at Spark Digital

Top 4 reasons to work at Spark Digital according to our employees:

Company Culture
We only hire people that will fit into our respectful, collaborative and challenging work environment. The result is a company culture where people work together with a common sense of purpose to do great things.
Growth Opportunity
One of our core values is mentorship. Nowhere else will you have as much opportunity to learn than you will at Spark Digital. Last year alone we ran over 25 training sessions on topics ranging from UX Design to Python and Angular.
World Class Clients
Do you want to work with some of the biggest, most prestigious companies in the world? At Spark Digital you’ll have the opportunity to work with companies like Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journal, NBC, and the Associated Press.
Pay & Benefits
If you and your family aren’t taken care of you can't do your best work. Simple as that. At Spark Digital our pay and benefits are competitive for the benefit of our employees and the benefit of our business.

Our Core Values

Belief informing action.

First, we believe that belief is not enough. Convictions are worthless if not followed by action. Instead of just painting our core values on the wall, we focus on living our values through every action no matter how big or how small.
At Spark Digital we measure our success on our clients’ success. Not just successfully completing a project, but everyday successes including our ability to reduce stress and increase client happiness throughout our work.
Put Clients First
Put client success above personal gain. Always.
Own Results
Results matter. Take responsibility.
Solve Problems
Identifying problems is not enough. Offer solutions.
Determine Your Future
Take ownership of your career and learn opportunities.
Be Agile
Adapt to change, communicate effectively and respond quickly.
Mentor Others
Coach and support people inside and outside of the company.

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