CASE STUDY: FOX Now OTT Development

January 01, 2019
Software Architecture & OTT Application Development for FOX


FOX needed a partner to help them centralize and modernize 20+ OTT applications that had been developed independently over the course of many years using different approaches to solution architecture and a host of content management and data collection technologies.

Our first challenge was to re-think and re-design the software architecture to support effective content management, distribution, and monetization. Fox also needed greater insight into KPIs, such as application performance and user engagement.

Our second challenge was to develop an API that allows content, including metadata, to be accessed from disparate systems to support more effective content monetization and distribution.

Android, iOS, Roku and Playstation.

Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, Node.js, Elastic Search, Cache System, DynamoDB, Redis, and Elastic among others.

Software Architecture, Delivery Management, and Development.

Supported definition and implementation of new software architecture and development of an API, which allowed FOX to manage their applications at an enterprise level supporting approximately 150,000 concurrent users.  

Customized applications’ content delivery to different locales that provides scalability to support spikes during live-streaming of events (e.g. FOX Sports). 

Engineered various high-volume consumer-facing OTT applications.  

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