Top 10 Reads on Coronavirus and The EdTech Industry

April 13, 2020
Our favorite articles and prognostications on the impact of COVID-19 on the EdTech industry.


The Coronavirus has forced every industry to adapt to the new world of social distancing. Most of these adaptations and workarounds will fade along with the virus itself. Fine dining restaurants will stop offering take out curbside pickup. The run on toilet paper will end. Some friends may continue to catch up on Zoom, but it’s more likely that people will go back to meeting in person. 

However, some of the innovations forced by the coronavirus are likely to stick around. As hundreds of millions of students around the world have been forced to adopt remote learning, it’s likely that students and teachers alike will find useful aspects of the new tools and technologies they’re using and continue to use them long after Coronavirus is a distant, painful memory. 

Regardless of which companies win or lose as a result of the current situation and which technologies are adopted for long term use, the pandemic is going to have lasting effects on the EdTech industry. As we try to read the tea leaves, we’ve come across a number of interesting articles on the subject. If you’re interested, check out the top 10 articles we’ve found: 


EdTech Vendors Confront Sudden Opportunity & Risks  - Inside Higher Ed

The Coronavirus Exposes Education’s Digital Divide - The New York Times

Coronavirus Proves a Bonanza for Asia EdTech Start-Ups  - The Financial Times

How Will Coronavirus Impact Education Technology Investments in 2020?  - EdSurge

EdTech Startups and Investors Shift Into Overdrive Amid Coronavirus  - WSJ PRO

The Growing Demand for EdTech During the Coronavirus Lockdown  - Credit Suisse 

How Countries Are Using EdTech To Support Access to Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic  - The World Bank 

Countries Face an Online Learning Curve - US News & World Report

Why Coronavirus Looks Like a ‘Black Swan’ Moment for Higher Ed  - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Remote Learning Comes to America As Coronavirus Shuts Schools  - The New York Times



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