Making Sure Candidates Are a Good Fit

November 19, 2020
Our approach to making sure we connect the right people with the right opportunities for them, our clients, and our company.


As a fast-paced company growing quickly, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our candidates' experience throughout the recruitment process, create better fits between candidates and opportunities, and, of course, deliver the best solutions to our clients. This is how we do it.
Understanding what’s needed, defining the requirements of the role/project/position. 
We perform a thorough assessment of our client’s needs by engaging a cross-functional team including senior leaders, account managers, and our technology team.
Intake meetings with hiring managers play a key role in this assessment. It is during these conversations that we are able to gather as many details as possible with two goals in mind. First, to make sure that we find candidates with the right skills for the job. And, second to provide candidates with the information they need to understand if the opportunity will take their career in the direction they want. 
Engaging the market, focusing on stories not just stats 
We are proud of our culture and are committed to keeping it healthy and encouraging its growth by finding candidates that excel at interpersonal skills, enjoy working collaboratively, and actively contribute to a culture of learning. We do this by starting our candidate assessment with a ‘Behavioral Interview’ where we get to know candidates and determine if they’re a good fit not only for Spark Digital’s company culture but also that they’ll be a good fit and happy working in their project team. 
Assessing technical skills, but also potential  
Experienced engineers from our team partner with the recruiting and staffing teams to assess candidates’ technical capabilities and potential.

Just as recruiters shouldn’t be expected to know the finer points of engineering, engineers shouldn’t be expected to know the finer points of recruiting and interviewing. That’s why every technical interviewer goes through training to learn best practices and methodologies to ensure our company’s standards are maintained. 

Our technical assessment consists of thorough discussions of software engineering fundamentals, offline and live code challenges, and a review of previous work experiences.
Above all, we want candidates to be happy with their choice to join Spark Digital and that they find a place where their voices are heard and they can grow professionally.


By: Lucas Sonini, Recruiting Analyst 

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