How to Teach Your Procurement Department to Speak Agile

September 11, 2018
How to create that contracts the create value


Very few procurement and legal professionals truly understand how software gets built or the agile development process. As a result, it's common for contracts to lack the flexibility needed to support the agile process, which can cause a host of inconveniences and bureaucratic hurdles that get in the way of progress. We believe, that by educating procurement professions on the agile process we can start developing value-based contracts that actually support project success versus typical contracts that exist primarily to mitigate risk. 

This whitepaper explores topics including: 

  • The underlying motivations behind procurement decision making 

  • How to focus contracts on desired business outcomes rather than pure risk abatement 

  • Engagement frameworks and how to choose between the contracted variables of time, money, or scope 

  • Best practices for common contract terms 

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