Blockchain: Cure-All or All Hype?

June 18, 2019
What M&E tech executives need to know about blockchain.


Blockchain is the trendiest technology of the moment. We’ve all seen countless articles, white papers, keynotes, and panel discussions touting its endless potential. Based on what many are saying, it seems there is no problem that blockchain can’t solve. But will blockchain live up to the hype? Will blockchain fundamentally change the way Media & Entertainment companies do business? As of today, we’re not so sure. We believe that inherent structural deficiencies in the existing blockchain will make M&E uses cases hard to create, scale, and monetize. 

In our latest white paper, we offer a deep dive into blockchain for the M&E industry including the use cases most commonly discussed, why the hopes for those use cases might be misplaced, and how the blockchain needs to evolve before they're viable.

Find the full paper here

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