Blending the Physical & Digital: How M&E brands use GeoBeacons to create deeper connections with their customers

February 06, 2019
The past, present and future of GeoBeacons for Media & Entertainment brands.


The digital age can make consumers feel lost as much as it can make them feel connected. Geo-beacons and geo-targeted applications are changing that in new and exciting ways. While geo-beacons have been somewhat of a novelty so far, we think geo-beacon technology has some exciting applications in the Media & Entertainment industry. We've developed this article to make sure that beacons aren't one of those things that falls off your radar and to give some core information about the technology and its potential applications. In it, you will learn: 

  • Key findings from our recent project using beacons

  • Pros and cons of the major frameworks

  • Potential future applications within the M&E industry 

  • Existing barriers to widespread adoption 

Click here to download the article. 


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