Our services start at the brand level, making sure that our clients' brands are positioned to connect with their customers, then we design digital experiences to make that brand come to life and drive interaction and loyalty. Modern consumers demand both great content and a compelling user experience. And, given the tremendous choice available to consumers, they won’t have to search long to get what they want. 

At Spark Digital, we inhabit the mind of the user and cast them as the central character of an immersive digital experience. In every decision, no matter how big or small, we consider the impact on the user. Through deliberate research, strategy and creativity, we are able to determine which details we need to obsess over and which are less important. Still, we believe strongly in getting products into the hands of users early and often and using an iterative process that responds quickly to feedback. 

We have provided full-service Branding through UI Design services for clients including: WWE, Dow Jones, Warner Bros., News Corp, and others. 



Design service areas include:
  • Branding
  • UX Research
  • UI Design 
  • Visual Design
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