• We are flexible enough to take on a wide variety of projects. Sometimes that means helping to fill a short-term gap in a client’s organization. Other times it means using the full range of services to fully support a long-term project from start to finish. Either way, our approach to staffing and delivery is carefully tailored to the client need. While this often means that a limited range of services are being used in a single engagement, we believe that being full service, and having cross-disciplinary thinkers throughout our offices add value to every project.

  • Consulting service areas include:
    • Product Strategy 
    • Discovery
    • Vendor Selection
    • Agile Transformation 
    • Change Management 

    In our industries, the only constant is change. Rapid changes in technology and consumer preferences have made it harder and more important than ever to develop winning business and product strategies. 

    The people at Spark Digital have the experience to ask the right questions and the industry expertise to cut straight to the chase. As a result, we consistently find actionable insights that illuminate clear strategies for our clients’ business and technology portfolios. As a full-service provider, we’re also able to make sure that these strategies inform every part of the product design and development processes to deliver the greatest possible value to our clients.

  • Design service areas include:
    • UX Research
    • UX Design 

    Having great content alone is no longer enough to provide a competitive advantage. Modern consumers demand both great content and a compelling user experience. And, given the tremendous choice available to consumers, they won’t have to search long to get what they want. 

    At Spark Digital, we inhabit the mind of the user and cast them as the central character of an immersive digital experience. In every decision, no matter how big or small, we consider the impact on the user. Through deliberate research, strategy and creativity, we are able to determine which details we need to obsess over and which are less important. Still, we believe strongly in getting products into the hands of users early and often and using an iterative process that responds quickly to feedback. 

  • Development service areas include:
    • Solution Architecture 
    • Application Development 
    • Delivery Management
    • DevOps
    • QA 

    Building software is a fact of life in the application-driven economy. It is not a question of whether or not software has to be built, it’s a question of how to build software. How do you find a delivery partner that will reduce risk, minimize stress, maximize value and get products to market quickly? 

    At Spark Digital, we believe that building great software products must be a collaborative effort. We reduce distance between us and our clients through our flexible staffing model and by embracing the client’s hopes and goals as our own. We only hire mid- to senior-level people, and we keep our most senior engineers engaged in the code where their experience is most valuable, predicting challenges and building bullet-proof products of enduring value.

Spark Digital is a full-service provider of consulting, UX design and application development services. We often partner with clients at the definition and design phases and stick with them through the
development, launch and maintenance of the products we help create. We also often help fill gaps in a client’s organization. Our experienced team and our talent pipeline allow us to do both.


  • We have helped a number of clients develop and implement back-end data and
    front-end data visualization platforms to help translate a wealth of data into actionable business insights.

    Services run the gamut from product strategy to help clients determine what data to collect and how to use it; user experience design of data visualization platforms and development of the platforms themselves.

    View AMC Health case study
  • These days, regardless of category, consumers are connecting with their favorite brands digitally. Meaning that brands are increasingly getting into the content business, giving their customers the ability to connect, wherever and whenever with branded content. As an extension of the brand it represents, great technology creates a meaningful experience for consumers that deepens affinity, builds loyalty and drives revenue. Our ambition in every consumer application we build is to create a lasting connection between consumers and the brand by delivering a world-class user experience.

    Every one of our disciplines and services comes into play with the creation of Consumer Applications. We can help you in everything from product planning to designing beautiful user experiences and developing apps for every platform and device.

    View The Associated Press case study
  • As consumers and their devices become more and more connected, managing those connections is growing harder and harder. We help our clients set a strategy for API management that will help them connect with more people, business partners and applications, while developing new revenue streams. Starting with a strong strategic foundation, based on the principle of simplicity, we help clients achieve long term cost savings and systematize API integrations to allow innovators to bring new products to market more quickly.

    • API strategy & design 
    • API development & integration 
    • API gateway implementation
    View AMC Health case study
  • Whether it’s helping a client to choose which CMS is right for the job, building a CMS from scratch, extending an existing CMS, or integrating video players and ad technologies, we have a wealth of experience to support our clients’ needs.

    View The Associated Press case study
  • We have end-to-end digital media supply chain experience, enabling our clients to deliver and monetize their content to consumers across multiple platforms seamlessly. Having decades of experience in the Media & Entertainment industry we help our clients navigate critical functions including:

    • IP Registries
    • Rights Management
    • Media Asset Management
    • Digital Asset Management
    • Media Order Management and Resource Scheduling
    • Fulfillment Automation. 
    • Supply Chain Analytics
    • Whether content is monetized through adtech platforms (RTB, SSP, DSP, DMP), by e-commerce or through subscription management it’s important for publishers to make these functions both reliable and frictionless.

      Ad Tech: We’re experienced in building technology across both the supply and demand side of content monetization including ad units, ad servers and the platforms that help decide the best ad to play, when and where.

      E-commerce & Subscriptions: We can also help clients with e-commerce solutions for both direct-to-consumer and enterprise applications. We have built systems to manage authenticated OTT, subscription and EST services.

      View Verizon case study
    • Video player technology is a big part of our company DNA. Prior to becoming Spark Digital, the founding technology team were part of Panvidea, a video clipping and transcoding platform, which was acquired in 2011 and its founders led large-scale custom OVP implementations for Maven Networks, acquired in 2008 by Yahoo!. We believe that video players are more than just tools to deliver content and advertising, they’re also an important part of the user experience. As veterans of this space, we bring deep knowledge of the vendor ecosystem, player and video CMS implementations and open source options. Over the years we’ve done adtech integrations, built mobile player SDKs and designed customer players.

    We have experience in just about every aspect of the digital media supply chain. Throughout the years, we have taken on a wide variety of projects and built a broad range of software products for our clients.

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