• We have helped a number of clients develop and implement back-end data and
    front-end data visualization platforms to help translate a wealth of data into actionable business insights.

    Services run the gamut from product strategy to help clients determine what data to collect and how to use it; user experience design of data visualization platforms and development of the platforms themselves.

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  • These days, regardless of category, consumers are connecting with their favorite brands digitally. Meaning that brands are increasingly getting into the content business, giving their customers the ability to connect, wherever and whenever with branded content. As an extension of the brand it represents, great technology creates a meaningful experience for consumers that deepens affinity, builds loyalty and drives revenue. Our ambition in every consumer application we build is to create a lasting connection between consumers and the brand by delivering a world-class user experience.

    Every one of our disciplines and services comes into play with the creation of Consumer Applications. We can help you in everything from product planning to designing beautiful user experiences and developing apps for every platform and device.

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  • As consumers and their devices become more and more connected, managing those connections is growing harder and harder. We help our clients set a strategy for API management that will help them connect with more people, business partners and applications, while developing new revenue streams. Starting with a strong strategic foundation, based on the principle of simplicity, we help clients achieve long term cost savings and systematize API integrations to allow innovators to bring new products to market more quickly.

    • API strategy & design 
    • API development & integration 
    • API gateway implementation
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  • Whether it’s helping a client to choose which CMS is right for the job, building a CMS from scratch, extending an existing CMS, or integrating video players and ad technologies, we have a wealth of experience to support our clients’ needs.

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  • We have end-to-end digital media supply chain experience, enabling our clients to deliver and monetize their content to consumers across multiple platforms seamlessly. Having decades of experience in the Media & Entertainment industry we help our clients navigate critical functions including:

    • IP Registries
    • Rights Management
    • Media Asset Management
    • Digital Asset Management
    • Media Order Management and Resource Scheduling
    • Fulfillment Automation. 
    • Supply Chain Analytics
    • Whether content is monetized through adtech platforms (RTB, SSP, DSP, DMP), by e-commerce or through subscription management it’s important for publishers to make these functions both reliable and frictionless.

      Ad Tech: We’re experienced in building technology across both the supply and demand side of content monetization including ad units, ad servers and the platforms that help decide the best ad to play, when and where.

      E-commerce & Subscriptions: We can also help clients with e-commerce solutions for both direct-to-consumer and enterprise applications. We have built systems to manage authenticated OTT, subscription and EST services.

      View Verizon case study
    • Video player technology is a big part of our company DNA. Prior to becoming Spark Digital, the founding technology team were part of Panvidea, a video clipping and transcoding platform, which was acquired in 2011 and its founders led large-scale custom OVP implementations for Maven Networks, acquired in 2008 by Yahoo!. We believe that video players are more than just tools to deliver content and advertising, they’re also an important part of the user experience. As veterans of this space, we bring deep knowledge of the vendor ecosystem, player and video CMS implementations and open source options. Over the years we’ve done adtech integrations, built mobile player SDKs and designed customer players.

    Our People

    The special sauce is experience.

    • Chris Cali
      Managing Partner
      Chris Cali
      Managing Partner
      • Managing Partner responsible for sales, operations, marketing and finance.
      • Media technology executive with deep experience in digital media supply chains and online video. Previously founder and CEO of Panvidea, a venture-funded cloud-based video management solution with customers such as A&E, Fox, Metropolitan Opera and Vevo. Sold to T3Media in 2012.
      • Previously a Solutions Architect at Maven Networks (an online video platform acquired by Yahoo!). Software Engineer at Sony Music Entertainment and Sony BMG.
      • B.S. Computer Science from University of Delaware.
    • Francisco Amadeo
      & Co-Founder
      Francisco Amadeo
      & Co-Founder
      • Final responsibility for technical leadership, project staffing, process efficiency and delivery quality.
      • Entrepreneurial software leader with broad and deep expertise in digital media, SaaS technologies and highly scalable cloud architecture.
      • Past experience includes IBM, Performance Review Institute, Uniloc and Panvidea in roles such as Sr. Architect, Project Manager and CTO.
      • Holds a B.S. in Software Engineering and an MBA from UNICEN, Tandil, Argentina.
    • Kevin Norris
      Kevin Norris
      • Senior digital product executive and award-winning designer responsible for software design and consulting services.
      • Fortune 100 product leader and entrepreneur with expertise in digital strategy, end-to-end software design and product development.
      • Former President & CEO of Brevity, a video transport and transcoding software company- sold to All Digital in 2014.
      • Previous Global Director at American Express, who oversaw all digital investments, in-house UX/visual design, and numerous enterprise capabilities.
      • Holds a B.S. in Professional and Technical Communications.
    • Christopher White
      Christopher White
      • Digital leader with responsibility for all client partner management and development.
      • Overall responsibility for team quality, delivery efficiency, client success and commercial account management.
      • Deep digital strategy, product development and team leadership experience at companies such as Bertelsmann, EMI Music and Gaming Media Group.
      • Managed successful digital product delivery and client partnerships with Accenture, Verizon, JW Player, Wall St Journal, Dow Jones, AP and others.
      • Holds an MA from Oxford University and MBA from INSEAD.
    • Lucia Zinovile
      Director of Human Resources
      Lucia Zinovile
      Director of Human Resources
      • HR leader with experience in staffing management, employee development, career planning and performance management.
      • Responsible for managing career development efforts across the organization, coordinating career path planning activities, performance reviews, compensation planning and overseeing all HR-related Admin tasks.
      • Previous HR Advisor at ExxonMobil Corporation, responsible delivering of a full range of HR services to all expat employees and managing the continuous improvement of HR practices.
      • Holds a B.S. in Business Administration from UNICEN and an M.S. in Human Resource Management from San Andres University in Buenos Aires.
    • Valentina De Loof
      Vice President of Recruiting
      Valentina De Loof
      Vice President of Recruiting
      • Experienced software and technology talent acquisition professional.
      • Responsible for recruiting top talent in multiple technologies and disciplines. Areas of responsibility include managing the recruiting team company-wide, talent-focused marketing initiatives, and maintaining a high quality candidate experiences.
      • Past experience includes Communication and Marketing Analyst at Making Sense and researcher for the Spanish Ministry of Education.
      • Holds a B.S. in International Business from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign an M.S. in Digital Literature from Complutense University in Madrid, Spain.
    • Rocio Colacci
      Director of Organizational Development
      Rocio Colacci
      Director of Organizational Development
      • Organizational development leader with experience in designing and executing plans to ensure employee satisfaction and retention and improve overall organizational health.
      • Responsible for leading company culture, designing training programs and ensuring effective internal communications.
      • Previous experiences includes Human Resources Manager at Bulonfer, and Human Resources Analyst at Making Sense.
      • Holds a B.S. in Foreign Affairs and a Masters in Business Administration, both from UNICEN in Tandil, Argentina.
    • Tom Schuyler
      Director of Marketing
      Tom Schuyler
      Director of Marketing
      • Brand development and lead generation professional with deep experience developing integrated brand experiences centered around digital platforms for B2B and B2C brands across multiple categories.
      • Responsible for branding, content, events, lead generation and aligning the client experience to promises of brand messaging.
      • Previous agency and in-house experience includes: Adobe, Dassault Systemes, GyPSii, Metso, Ashcroft, Valmet, American Express, The Ritz Carlton, The Macallan, and many others.
      • Holds a B.A. in Political Theory from The University of Arizona with a minor in Business Administration.
    • Pablo Saavedra
      Director of Technology
      Pablo Saavedra
      Director of Technology
      • Responsible for ensuring the technical quality of every project.
      • Seasoned software architect and technical leader, with wide experience in consulting and software delivery projects.
      • Previously, Software Architect at Playphone and a Tech Master at Globant, responsible for leading software architecture and development teams.
      • Studied, Software Engineering at Universidad Nacional del Centro in Buenos Aires.
    • Pablo Gotthelf
      Director of Delivery
      Pablo Gotthelf
      Director of Delivery
      • Responsible for ensuring a consistent customer experience and increasing the quality and efficiency of the agile methodology across projects.
      • Formerly Development Manager at Spark Digital, responsible for coordinating development teams for large client accounts.
      • Previously Tech Lead at Thomson Reuters, leading development teams for Core integration projects within the Online and Search Platforms Department.
      • Holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Software Engineering from UNICEN in Tandil, Argentina.
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